Egg Donor Assessment

Finding Your Donor

For some, they have always known that they will need the help of a donor to have their family. But for others, it comes as a complete shock. When they first learn they need to work with an egg donor to have a family, different emotions arise.

One may be a sense of relief. Relief that they can finally stop all the medical treatments and move forward. Relief that all is not lost and a family can still be had.

Another emotion is grief. Grief about the loss of the biological connection.

But once the longing to be a parent outweighs the need to procreate, the quest to find the ‘perfect donor’ begins.

Egg Donor Assessment Img 1The real work begins once she is found and agrees to work with you.

There is always a fear that she will not pass medical screenings or background checks. But with those marked off, the next big screening is the psychological evaluation.

There are not many people who are able or willing to donate a piece of themselves. Only certain people can donate their DNA to help someone else form a family. Someone who understands that the child born from this donation is not their child but at the same time understands that a link to their family will be made.

Whether you are working with a known donor or with someone you matched through a bank, it is crucial that she be appropriately screened. And most importantly, she needs to be screened by someone who specializes in egg donation screenings and third-party reproduction.

Egg donor assessment is important and necessary for many reasons.

One of the main reasons involves her understanding and ability to give full and proper informed consent.

In today’s day and age of at-home DNA testing, anonymous donation no longer exists. With that in mind, does the donor plan on telling her family and friends about her donation? What if the child born from her donation reaches out to her? These things and more are flushed out and discussed during the two-hour assessment. This assessment can be conducted in person or over video.

After the assessment is completed, an in-depth report will be written and sent directly to the clinic.

How to Get an Egg Donor Assessment

Once you have matched with a donor and completed medical screenings, we can move on to the psychological screening. After this final step, legal contracts can be drafted, and injections can begin.

As someone who specializes in egg donor evaluations, I can tell you that I can quickly and efficiently screen your donor and have the report to your clinic so you can keep moving forward.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to answer your questions and to determine if we are a good fit.