Gestational Carrier Assessment

1145859965Why an evaluation?

When you finally find someone who is willing and able to carry your baby, it is important for her to be physically and emotionally ready. For example, knowing that your carrier is medically healthy is vital for the health of a growing baby.

However, her psychological well-being is equally, if not more, important to the health and success of the surrogacy.

Carrying a baby for someone else takes a very special person.

Someone who understands that this is not their child and, at the same time, someone who will care for and cherish the child like it is her own.

Whether you are working with a family member or with someone you matched through an agency, it is crucial that she be appropriately screened. And be screened with someone who specializes in surrogacy screenings and third-party reproduction.

This screening also needs to include her partner since this surrogacy doesn’t just impact you and her – it also impacts her entire family. We need to make sure that she, and her family, are fully informed and understand all the risks and benefits before moving forward.

This isn’t just another check mark on the way to parenthood, this is a crucial part of the process that can make or break your journey.

The Evaluation

A psychological evaluation is required for all potential gestational carriers and their partners. This evaluation determines fitness to participate as a carrier based on guidelines recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

The evaluation includes standardized, empirically validated testing designed for the assessment and screening of mental and behavioral disorders. Basically, we need to ensure that the carrier can give proper informed consent and is in the right mindset before moving forward.

This assessment takes approximately two hours to conduct. A written report based on American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines will be sent directly to your IVF Center, agency, or bank.

1330102577I know you want to move fast.

As a therapist specializing in reproductive mental health, I have administered hundreds of psychological evaluations of donors and gestational carriers. I have also facilitated many match meetings between donors or surrogates and intended parents. Because of my experience, I can tell you immediately if your donor or carrier will pass screening or if I believe this is a good match or not.

You don’t have time to waste.

Let’s ensure that this is a good fit.

Let’s ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Let’s ensure that everyone feels safe, confident and is ready to move forward.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to answer your questions and determine if we are a good fit.