Gestational Carrier Support

Moving Ahead

Now that your surrogate is pregnant and has graduated to her OBGYN, it can be a stressful time for everyone. There is so much at stake.

What happens if your surrogate gets stressed, anxious, or depressed? How will her mental health impact her and/or the baby?

You want to ask and talk to her but don’t want to be overbearing or overstepping your grounds. So, giving her the opportunity to seek support during the pregnancy in a safe space is one way to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are working with an agency or conducting an independent/private surrogacy, I can assist with supporting you and your surrogate before, during, and after birth. This can be especially beneficial if a termination or loss occurs.

1756379429What does support look like?

During the monthly one-on-one session, various surrogacy-specific topics are discussed to ensure compliance and an understanding of the protocols required to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy.

During the sessions, the carrier can honestly share her personal experiences and feelings about her journey without fear of negative repercussions.

The main purpose of the monthly sessions is to ensure the carrier is coping appropriately with the surrogacy and maintaining a strong, healthy, and positive surrogacy experience. During the sessions, we will address the carrier’s emotional well-being; attachment to the baby; the relationship between carrier, agency, and parents; and discuss surrogacy with friends, family, and employer. I also do a 4-week post-partum check to ensure her well-being and smooth adjustment back to her family.

There truly is so much at stake.

I know this has been a long road, and I know how many emotions you must be feeling during this delicate time of a surrogate pregnancy.

Taking that extra step of providing your carrier the opportunity to really work on her emotional well-being can be beneficial for her and your peace of mind.

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