Egg Donor Support

It’s not as easy as it looks.

Donating your eggs to help someone – and usually a stranger – have a family takes an extraordinary person.

Putting your life on hold, giving yourself injections, and undergoing the medical procedure for retrieval in the hopes of helping someone else is not as easy as it seems. Everything has to be done perfectly, or your end result may not turn out as you would like. To say it can be a stressful and overwhelming time is an understatement.

If you are going through a retrieval, whether it is your first or not, having someone who understands and can validate your feelings and experiences can be a game changer.

Egg Donor Support Img 1It is not a one-time thing.

If you are thinking about donating your eggs or are already matched, you may have many questions, not just about the process but how it will affect you and your future life.

Being an egg donor isn’t a one-time, short-term type of thing – it’s literally lifelong and something that not only creates family trees but, in effect, changes the trajectory of yours as well.

There are some big questions to consider.

Should you tell family and friends? Or what about any future children of your own?

In the time of at-home DNA testing, being an anonymous donor isn’t a reality. The truth is, someone, somewhere down the line, will find out. So, how do you prepare for that now?

Some people can be weird about these things. Mostly because they aren’t educated about egg donation. So, we will talk about disclosure and how to best share that you are a donor with your future children/partner.

It is essential that you feel confident, secure, and proud about being an egg donor.

I want you to be very sure and grounded around your “why.”

We will work together to ensure you are fully informed about the process and short- and long-term impacts so you can make an informed decision.

This is a big decision.

Donating your DNA to someone else is a big decision. It is a life-changing decision. One that can impact not just you but your future family as well.

Do you feel absolutely confident and strong in your decision to move forward?

Is there any piece of you that feels apprehensive, confused, or still has questions?

If so, call me for a free 20-minute consultation, and I will be happy to answer your questions.